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The Feathery Golf Ball Gallery

Hand crafted feathery golf balls.
The Process | The History 

the process

  • Goose feathers are treated with a special liquid solution.
  • The casing is made of leather & filled with the feathers.
  • The casing is then hand stitched.
  • The golf ball is carefully hand painted using several coats of paint.
  • Labelling and packaging is the final step of this hand crafted process. 
feathers for golf balls
feathery golf balls being made
stitching on feathery
painted golf balls
labelled feathery golf balls

The history

Whilst the records are scant on when the very first games of golf were played, we do know that the story of our sport came in to being on the west coast of Scotland some time in the early 1600s. Originally, wooden balls were used. 

    brown marble golf ball
    hickory golf
    authentic feathery golf ball in bag

    available now

    • Gift Box Sets.
    • Authentic Feathery Golf Balls.
    • Hand crafted in Australia.
    Richard Jones
    vintage golf ball 2
    brown marble feathery golf ball
    vintage golf ball
    3 feathery golf balls

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