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The Authentic Feathery

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Made by hand the same way they originally were, circa 1600-1850.

Where it all began

The art of the original feathery golf ball was thought to have been lost to the sands of time. But with the recent revival of hickory-shafted golf clubs in use by enthusiasts the world over, there has come a new interest in some of the other original elements of the sport. And it is this curiosity and desire to resurrect a long-forgotten manufacturing skill that led Richard Jones to dig deep into the history of golf, where history and folklore are often entwined.

Authentic Feathery Golf Ball Company Director Richard Jones

Meet the Founder –

Richard Jones

Richard has been an avid golf fan for decades and decided to undertake some research into the history of golf. This led him to it’s humble beginnings when golf’s pioneers played with hand carved wooden clubs and golf balls that were made of leather and stuffed with goose feathers.
It’s been a hobby that has led Richard to gaining global patents for his design which all started in his workshop based in Palmerston in the Northern Territory of Australia. Richard’s Authentic Feathery Golf Balls are now available to purchase online and make perfect gifts for the golf enthusiast. We have just commenced shipping interstate and recently we fulfilled our first overseas order. If you would like to know more, please feel free to get in touch.

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